Stress Release

(Injury Prevention & Stress Management)

While you read this, feel your shoulders relax, pull your neck back to neutral, and feel the muscles in your eyes, your face and even your jaw relax. Body awareness is one of the greatest gifts to self. All too often, we see patients who are over worked and over-burdened with the stressors of everyday causing havoc on one’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The following treatments are designed to engage the parasympathetic nervous system reducing stress and bringing balance back to areas otherwise holding tension. These treatments help with mind body connection and in turn assist in creating healthy muscle memory and improving tissue health.

All of Rain Wellness’ therapists are registered under the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia and are better known as RMT’s (Registered Massage Therapists). You can rest assured that you and your loved ones will be receiving the absolute safest care possible.

In case of a discrepancy between the in-house prices and the online prices, the in-house prices will be deemed correct. 

The Indulge

Therapeutic Massage


Indulge your senses with Hot towels and Aromatherapy. This light to moderate pressure treatment is a great way to indulge your body with therapeutic massage modalities assisting with stress management, injury prevention, and soft tissue rehabilitation.


Deluxe Therapeutic Massage


Hot stones, Hot towels, and Custom aromatherapy are all incorporated into this well-deserved treatment. Add the elements above along with a single serve bottle of your custom blend oil to take home with you for an experience to remember.

Earth’s Touch

Hot Stone Massage


Using hot mineralized basalt stones, your therapist is able to reach the deep layers of the body with vascular promoting heat to help warm and relax tight muscles. Heat is an extremely great way to cause a derivative effect and bring blood to ischemic areas, which assists in trigger point release. This treatment is perfect for warming and calming the body.

Peaceful Mind

Peaceful Mind treatment at Rain Wellness Vernon BCRelaxation & Wellness Massage


Find yourself drift away as your therapist diffuses stress with this relaxation focused treatment. Utilizing entrainment techniques, aromatherapy and warm oils, this treatment is great for anyone needing balance in their busy day-to-day life and perfect for full body wellness, for when the body is without stress, it is able to heal.

7 Sacred Directions

Aromatherapy at Rain Wellness Vernon BCStress Management & Aromatherapy Massage


Restore balance to body and mind while you journey through a sharing of the indigenous 7 Sacred Directions (a paralleled similarity with the 7 chakras). Your therapist applies therapeutic massage techniques while incorporating deep diaphragmatic breathing using Rain’s energy infused vibrational oils. This treatment is essential for anyone experiencing grief or who may be feeling the symptoms of a stressful lifestyle or in a life transition.