Detoxifying Treatments

(Hydrotherapy & Lymphatic)

Hydrotherapy is the effective and proven use of water and temperature to treat injuries, control pain, and induce deep relaxation. Hydrotherapy enhances blood flow to specific tissues which improves circulation and cell metabolism. This allows the body to effectively release toxins and waste products improving tissue healing and recovery.

Hydrotherapy has long been used by many cultures through the ages with added benefits, unfortunately, in recent times, hydrotherapy has taken a turn down “Luxury Spa Lane” and is now perceived as a luxury-only treatment for those who desire pampering. At Rain Wellness, our Registered Massage Therapists are taking water treatments back, come experience hydrotherapy for yourself and “Invigorate your life”!

In case of a discrepancy between the in-house prices and the online prices, the in-house prices will be deemed correct. 

Sacred Rain

Full Body Salt Friction Treatment


Ahhh… the Vichy! Invigorate your skin with a full body herb infused mineral salt scrub which promotes cleansing, detoxification, and circulation, all while leaving the skin soft, smooth, and revitalized. This treatment finishes with a full body moisturizing massage offering a complete sense of renewal!

Ancestral ‘Mud’icinals

Detoxifying Mud-Wrap Treatment


Mineralized mud has long been a traditional medicine for skin conditions providing a powerful detoxifying agent. Your therapist starts with a special blend of herbs to gently exfoliate the skin and then paints our healing mud onto the body. You are then wrapped traditional cradleboard style while enjoying a head, neck, & face massage. A thorough rinse in our “Rain” shower blissfully finishes this treatment.

Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Full Body Contrasting Treatment


Enjoy a sage infused body scrub under the Vichy shower as it purifies and prepares the skin. Using hydrotherapy principles, your therapist will then direct you through the sauna and shower to begin your full body contrasting which promotes full body detoxification and healing.

(60min = 2X contrast / 75min = 3X contrast / 90min = 4X contrast)

Quiet River

Lymphatic Drainage Massage


Your therapist applies knowledge of the lymph system and uses effective techniques to help decrease swelling and promote healing to injuries. Lymphatic massage is a very gentle, yet effective treatment. Improved lymphatic circulation is found to boost and support your immune function and assist in detoxification.

Mountain Rain Bliss

Rain’s Signature Health Treatment


Start with a gentle sage infused body scrub as it purifies and prepares the skin. Your therapist will then paint our special healing mud onto the body and you are wrapped in a cozy cocoon. While wrapped, receive a head, neck, and face massage with our anti-aging prickly pear face oil. For the second part of this treatment, receive a full body salt friction treatment under the Vichy shower where your therapist follows the lymphatic pathways which helps clear any blockages and strengthens the immune system. This treatment finishes with a full body moisturizing application. This is an amazing detoxifying treatment to incorporate into your own wellness goals or perfect as a gift for that special someone.